Do You Beleive In Jesus?

Why, What's Stopping Me?

   The question most of the time asked especially if you want to accept Christ as your Lord is... "WHAT'S STOPPING ME?" The answer to that question can really only be answered by you and God. The problem could be your friends or even family, they don't know Christ they talk about him rudely...I will do the same.Another could be influences, again by friends and family. This could be caused by shows you watch or people you will meet. But,you want to know the main reason, it's you serving The Devil.I am not saying you serve him as your Saviour and Lord but the Bible clearly states,you can only choose one master.Joshua says,"As for me and my house... we will serve the Lord."You have been sinning without even knowing it.To trust and beleive in God is not a lack of prayerlessness or unforgivenesss.They could be small little sins but you have sinned against God.
     SINNERS: Who has never sinned in their life ever before? It states in Psalm 51 that," sin did my mother conceive me."I myself am no perfect than you. The only person we should call perfect is Christ because he is perfect.I  am asking  you grab a bible and read, accept Christ.It sounds easy, It may sound hard but it's both at the same time.Attacks will come but that's why we need to lift each other up in the body of Christ through prayer!I accepted Christ many times but I chose to follow his ways and be born again~(which I will explain)~at birth.My family used to be Hindu and we changed our ways.I'm no saying that Christianity is better than all religons but give it a chance and see what it will do for you.Each day I will give you a passage and make this website into a web-Bible for you.Read on about who I am and wish to be.

     I served God for 12 years of my life and I think that gives you the idea of  how old I am if I served him from birth.Being a Christian is harder than what it seems.It's not going to church singing  a song or two, reading from John 3:16 and fellowship then it's off to hame.When you become a Christian it's a whole new feeling and life.Being baptized in water and the tounges of the Holy Spirit..which you will learn.There is so many trials and temptations and crossing in our way but we must press on as  one in the body of Christ.I will also give you a song so you can repeat it and when Satan trie to tempt you ,you will learn to rebuke him as I do.Fasting and Born Again are some things you will gain knwledge of later on.For now grab a Bible and REPENT."REPENT YE, REPENT YE  FOR HE IS SOON TO COME..." as John the baptist said.You will learn about Heaven and what we must do to get there.Have you heard of 666, well you will.Understand that Christianity must be taken seiously and not lightly.Trust and Obey and beleive when the trials come you have the power from God to rebuke it.IN JESUS NAME...AMEN AND AMEN!